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I am offering live still-life pencil drawing sessions which can be accessed via Skype. I will choose everyday things to be found at home so everyone will be working from their own, "real" objects...a houseplant, a cup, a bottle, a shoe, fruit, vegetables, a bunch of keys... the list is endless.

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On the basis of >Pay what you wish< per session

Playfully explore the life of lines with pencils, crayons and charcoal. A flowing meditation of mark-making, rhythms and repetitions.

Plants, stones, branches and everyday objects: we make their exciting contours, shapes and spaces come alive on the paper.

Working with charcoal and soft pencils, we build three dimensional depths and effects with shading and smudging techniques.

Learn to look and edit what you see in the real world in order to create a two-dimensional framework for successful picture-building.


design apartment

Holzstr. 26

80469 München

Tel. 089 18930980

max. 6 people per session


KunstGalerieBar - KGB

Oefelestraße 6

81543 München

Tel. 089 572038

max. 8 people per session


...pencils, crayons, charcoal, paper, erasers, sketchbooks, boards etc. 


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